What exactly does the SelectWell® Experience look like? The following is an example of one woman’s experience with the program.

The Problem

Mary is a 49-year-old single parent of three who works 50-60 plus hours a week in the Accounts Payable department of her company. She believes she is in relatively good health; however, she doesn’t remember when she last scheduled a doctor’s visit with her primary care physician.

Mary had a small scare a few months ago. While working late hours for a couple of days straight and missing regular meals she began to feel nauseous and almost fainted. She ended up in the emergency room where her care providers told her that her blood pressure was elevated. and that there were issues with her blood glucose levels. She was advised to follow up with her primary care physician as soon as possible, but she never scheduled an appointment due to her busy schedule.

The Hurdle

Mary knows she should improve her diet. She also knows she could benefit from losing some weight, including the few additional “holiday pounds” she gained recently. She doesn’t consider herself at risk for diabetes or cardiovascular disease even though there is a family history for both. Besides, with her work schedule and her kid’s hectic after-school activities, she doesn’t have any spare time to devote to her personal health right now.

Like many people, Mary isn’t utilizing healthcare appropriately and unfortunately the data shows that her actions will eventually result in “profit-leakage” from her employer’s bottom line. Statistically, this “profit leakage” will be due to increased health plan claims from additional ER visits with possible hospitalizations, increased pharmaceutical spending, and reduced productivity from chronic conditions that will multiply if not managed appropriately.

The Solution

Mary’s employer has recognized continual increases in health plan claims year over year and has decided to introduce the SelectWell® Health and Wellness program as a way to better manage health awareness and healthcare navigation of its employees and gain control of increasing claims.

Mary decides to participate in the SelectWell program in hopes of becoming more informed of her existing conditions and gaining a clearer understanding of what this means for her future health. Due to her hectic schedule, Mary is pleased that the SelectWell health team will be onsite at her job to obtain her biometrics and perform blood draws for the advanced and predictive lab testing. She also likes the easy-to- navigate web portal where she fills out a personal health risk assessment and reviews her lab report with informational content to understand what each test means and considerations for addressing any red flags she may have. She is excited to schedule a confidential, personalized lab report review via video call with one of the SelectWell Clinical Specialists who help her answer questions and concerns about her test results.

After meeting with the SelectWell Clinical Specialist and exploring additional health and wellness-related content through her web portal, Mary feels much more informed about managing her existing conditions. She takes the advice of the SelectWell® Clinical Specialist and schedules an appointment to meet with a primary care physician to discuss what she has learned and to seek additional guidance from a healthcare professional.

Her primary care physician is impressed by Mary’s understanding of her existing health status and found it easier to explain the various options she had to begin managing her health. She and her physician decided to wait on prescribing any medication and see if she could improve her health through lifestyle changes with a focus on weight loss and a better diet. Her physician advised her to schedule a 6-month follow-up.

Mary knew that SelectWell offered the services of Integrative Wellness Coaches and decided to engage with one to see if they could help her achieve the goals that she and her physician set.

Mary met with a SelectWell Integrative Wellness Coach and was able to discover a lot about herself and what she wants for her health. She was surprised at how other aspects of her life such as sleep and stress management directly impacted her diet and metabolism and were affecting her ability to lose weight. Working with a coach enabled Mary to implement small actionable steps that fit into her busy schedule and produced results. Her coach provided support and accountability that was previously lacking in her life. Mary now feels more empowered and excited to take her health into her own hands.

Mary’s successful lifestyle changes encouraged her to repeat the panel of tests the next time the SelectWell® health team was onsite, so she could see if her blood markers were improving based on the lifestyle goals she and the SelectWell Integrative Wellness Coach were working on.

On Mary’s 6-month follow-up with her physician, she was excited to show how she had dropped the weight she had been meaning to lose and how much better she felt overall. Upon showing her physician her most recent SelectWell lab test results her physician was glad to not have to write a prescription for medication that Mary would’ve most likely been on for the rest of her life and encouraged her to schedule an annual visit so they could stay ahead of any future issues that may affect Mary’s health.

Mary’s supervisor also noticed that Mary had more energy at work, was making impactful contributions in meetings, and had fewer sick days over the past 6- months. She decided to place Mary at the top of her list for the next available promotion.



While Mary’s story is fictional, the ending worked out well for everyone.

Unfortunately, the facts usually turn out quite differently. Mary could have continued to ignore the warning signs that her body was giving that her health was deteriorating, require another visit to the emergency room with possible hospitalization, and placed on expensive pharmaceuticals for the rest of her life.

Her productivity would’ve likely been significantly and negatively impacted, and her existing condition may have turned into multiple chronic conditions over time – costing her and her employer literally millions of dollars through “profit- leakage” from increased health plan claims and lost productivity.

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