SelectWell Corporate Health Program

SelectWell Is An Affordable Personalized Health Program Focused On Disease Prevention

With up to 88% of the population metabolically unhealthy and most completely unaware of any underlying conditions, it is critical to provide affordable access to personalized health information, education, and support to identify early risks for disease prevention and routine monitoring of critical biomarkers for improved management and potential reversal of existing conditions. These metabolic illnesses contribute to a significant amount of personal suffering and are the main drivers of an unsustainable burden on our health care system. Despite efforts to curtail the situation, our current health care models are failing falling. SelectWell is dedicated to changing that.


of healthcare dollars are devoted to preventable chronic diseases detectable with advanced testing


of the population are unaware they are metabolically unhealthy


or less than 1/3 of people regularly utilize their healthcare benefits


of ER visits are either cardio or diabetes-related and majority eventually lead to hospital admission


of Americans want an alternative approach to healthcare.

SelectWell Can Increase Employee Productivity and Deliver Significant Healthcare Savings

The largest employer healthcare spend, at 73% of all expenditures, is associated to actual underutilization of healthcare benefits, including not being aware of a disease, simply ignoring a disease, inappropriately treating a disease, or being non-compliant with appropriate medications to manage a disease. This underutilization translates directly into disease progression, increased ER visits and hospitalizations, and increased pharmaceutical prescriptions to manage more advanced or multiple diseases. It also leads to increased and unnecessary extended sick days and lower productivity. SelectWell’s mission is to identify those at high risk and employ effective approaches, including individualized education and Integrative Wellness Coaching to empower employees to make necessary adjustments needed for disease prevention resulting in a healthier and more productive employee and significant health care savings for both the employee and the company.

Three Steps To Live Better

Step: 1

Health Risk Assessments

  • Physical measurements, family history, and testing to identify hidden disease risks
  • Follow-ups to measure health progress
  • Sample collection will be scheduled at your site and processed in our laboratory

Step: 2


  • Secure results portal for employees
  • Statistical analysis of your employee population provided to your organization
  • Monitor improvement for healthcare savings

Step: 3


  • Clinical educators with our healthcare professionals and your medical director
  • Employees formulate an action plan to optimize their health
  • Reduced insurance premiums

An Evaluation of Healthcare Spending


What is Integrative Wellness Coaching

What is InflammAging?