SelectWell Corporate Health Program

U.S. healthcare is broken with preventative healthcare measures and associated positive health outcomes disconnected from utilized healthcare benefits.

There is alarming chronic disease progression in the U.S. Only 1 in 8 adults can be defined as metabolically healthy. With 2 out of 5 people dealing with two or more chronic conditions, the burden to health plans can increase significantly. Add to this equation more than 25% of all adults do

not have a primary care physician. This translates to year-over-year increasing cost burdens shared by employers and employees. The largest percentage of increasing costs are led by escalating emergency room visits, hospitalizations, specialist referrals, pharmaceuticals, and lost productivity.

SelectWell is an evidence-based program focused on chronic condition awareness, disease prevention, and associated healthcare savings.


or 7 in 8 Americans are metabolically unhealthy and most are unaware of their status


According to the CDC – 40%, or 2 in 5 adults deal with 2 or more chronic conditions


Greater than 25%, or 1 in 4 adults do not have a primary care physician and the number is growing


As much as 73% of healthcare spend each year is devoted to preventable metabolic chronic diseases


of Americans want an alternative approach to address their healthcare needs.

SelectWell can improve health outcomes, increase employee productivity, and deliver significant healthcare savings

The largest employer healthcare spend, 73% of all expenditures, is associated to not being aware of a chronic condition, ignoring the progression of an untreated chronic condition, or being non-compliant with the appropriate treatment to manage a chronic condition. SelectWell addresses the full spectrum of potential and progressive chronic conditions to improve how individuals navigate their healthcare ecosystems toward proactive health management, chronic disease prevention, and more efficient spending behaviors.

SelectWell® achieves better health outcomes and greater savings by employing:

  • Advanced, laboratory-based, predictive, chronic disease diagnostics
  • Accepted evidenced-based behavioral change models
  • Supported by state-of-the-art technologies
  • Guided by targeted strategic healthcare data analysis

The SelectWell Experience: The Story of Mary

What does the SelectWell Experience look like? The following is an example of one woman’s experience with the program.

Mary is a 49-year-old single parent of three who works 50-60 plus hours a week in the Accounts Payable department of her company. She believes she is in relatively good health; however, she doesn’t remember when she last scheduled a doctor’s visit with her primary care physician. Mary had a small scare a few months ago. While working late hours for a couple days straight and missing regular meals she began to feel nauseous and almost fainted. She ended up in the emergency room where her care providers told her that her blood pressure was elevated. and that there were issues with her blood glucose levels.

Three Steps To Live Better

Step: 1

Health Risk Assessments

  • Physical measurements, family history, and testing to identify hidden disease risks
  • Follow-ups to measure health progress
  • Sample collection will be scheduled at your site and processed in our laboratory

Step: 2


  • Secure results portal for employees
  • Statistical analysis of your employee population provided to your organization
  • Monitor improvement for healthcare savings

Step: 3


  • Clinical educators with our healthcare professionals and your medical director
  • Employees formulate an action plan to optimize their health
  • Reduced insurance premiums

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