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SelectWell™ is the most comprehensive health management and chronic disease prevention program available offering better ways to address chronic conditions, navigate healthcare ecosystems, and improve health outcomes delivering greater savings for both employees and employers.

Identifies significant trends and areas of highest spend, identifies impact of multiple chronic conditions, targets top opportunities for potential savings.

Combines traditional and advanced predictive cardio and metabolic markers to assess chronic conditions. Reveals member’s disease risks associated with current and future health benefit usage and translates to a projected overall company chronic disease impact on related spending. Individual test results reviews empower members with a unique awareness of their health status and appreciation they can prevent, manage, and even reverse chronic conditions.

SelectWell Integrative Wellness Coaches Integrative Wellness Coaches focus on all aspects of wellness. They council members and facilitate their discovery of the best course of action to maintain permanent change and achieve their personal health goals – includes healthcare navigation guidance and medication  management.

Health and Wellness education information and better healthcare navigation guidance provided to HR at the corporate level for dissemination to entire employee population – including employees not currently participating in the full SelectWell program.

Meeting members when and where they want support access to portal (web browser and app), user-friendly and informative laboratory reports, scheduled access to Health and Wellness Navigators and Integrative Wellness Coaches, and access to At-Home monitoring devices with Blu-Tooth Enabled tracking software. Performance dashboards focused on leading indicators that drive activity aligned to greatest impact on health outcomes and associated savings.


or 7 in 8 Americans are metabolically unhealthy and most are unaware of their status


According to the CDC – 40%, or 2 in 5 adults deal with 2 or more chronic conditions


Greater than 25%, or 1 in 4 adults do not have a primary care physician and the number is growing


As much as 73% of healthcare spend each year is devoted to preventable metabolic chronic diseases


of Americans want an alternative approach to address their healthcare needs

SelectWell Firefighter Heart Health Program

SelectWell Firefighter Program provides early detection for firefighters at high risk for developing coronary heart disease and guides them on a path to optimal health keeping them on the job and saving lives with:

Firefighters have specific risk factors unique to their job duties. Despite being healthier on average than the general public, firefighters have 2 to 3 times more heart disease than other professionals. Unfortunately, 33% of firefighters have coronary heart disease not detected by routine medical screening tests. SelectWell utilizes advanced blood tests going beyond NFPA 1582 to identify early disorders linked to developing coronary heart disease.

Sudden Cardiovascular Events (heart attacks and strokes) still account for greater than 52% of all on-duty deaths.Firefighters can view their lab results and read test explanations, associated risks, and considerations for addressing detected conditions. In addition to their comprehensive advanced cardiovascular and metabolic screenings, firefighters have access to Clinical Educators to review and discuss results, learn more about personal health risks, and gain insights to take appropriate actions.

SelectWell Integrated Wellness Coaches are available to provide one-on-one coaching and support health plan initiatives offering firefighters an alternative approach along with assisting those having difficulty with permanent lifestyle changes necessary to address the root causes of their disease progression.

Of the 52% of on-duty deaths caused by Sudden Cardiovascular Events (SCE’s), 60% occurred on the scene of a fire and the remaining 40% occur while training or during non-fire situations. Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all programs have not drastically changed these numbers over the last decades and firefighters are still losing too many of their colleagues while on-duty and attempting to save others. The SelectWell Firefighter Program provides a new and innovative approach to reduce and prevent these tragic events.

Numbers Speak Better Than Words!


more heart disease compared to other professionals


of firefighters have heart disease not identified by routine medical screening


of firefighter deaths are due to Sudden Cardiovascular Events (hearth attacks and strokes)


of Sudden Cardiac Events (SCEs) occurred on the scene of a fire


of SCEs occurred during a non-fire incident or while training

Three Steps To Live Better

Step: 1

Health Risk Assessments

  • Physical measurements, family history, and testing to identify hidden disease risks
  • Follow-ups to measure health progress
  • Sample collection will be scheduled at your site and processed in our laboratory

Step: 2


  • Secure results portal for employees
  • Statistical analysis of your employee population provided to your organization
  • Monitor improvement for healthcare savings

Step: 3


  • Clinical educators with our healthcare professionals and your medical director
  • Employees formulate an action plan to optimize their health
  • Reduced insurance premiums

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